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Win Lotto Guaranteed – Easy Steps to Winning Lotto

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Everyone wants to win lotto at some stage in their life. I don’t think that their is a better feeling than winning a huge lotto jackpot and feeling the weight lifted off your shoulders. But the chances of winning are quite slim if you are just playing the games that the lotto companies want you to play.

Sure, many people get lucky with a lotto win, but for most, they use a set of strategies and techniques to drastically increase their chance of winning. After all, it is a numbers game, so why not use some maths and win lotto guaranteed.

I personally know people who have been playing lotto for 30+years and all they do is simply spend $20 every week on different numbers. I am sure that if they stuck to the same numbers week in week out, they might be in a very different position today.

If you want to boost your chances of winning lotto, here are some tips to help you along your way:

Find the Right Lotto Game

No matter where you live in the world and no matter what type of lotto game you play, they all follow the same principal and all can be manipulated to work in our favour. The only difference between the games is the jackpots. A higher jackpot is usually harder to win, and a lower jackpot is usually easier to win. If you want to win more often, chose a lower jackpot game, especially if money is tight.

Choosing the Right Numbers

As you probably already know, most people either take a ‘quick pick’ when choosing lottery numbers, or pick numbers which have some significance to them(luck numbers). This is the first and worst mistake that lottery players make as each type of lotto game favours certain numbers more. This has been well documented with lotto trends.

This can be due to many factors. Certain numbers are dropped from certain positions in some machines, which shuffle the numbers at identical rates each time. So they usually have a range of numbers that are common to appear. Including those numbers in a system is an excellent tactic to have.

Consecutive lotto numbers have also been shown to rarely appear. Some may argue this point, but most people only notice when they do appear, and not when they don’t which means – they are rarely drawn.

Of course sticking to these rules will not guarantee you a definite lotto win, but sticking to these rules can drastically affect your chances of winning.

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Increasing your chances can also come from purchasing multiple tickets for the upcoming game. But like with any gambling, it can become addictive, so always ensure you display adequate discipline when it comes to spending your hard earned money. If you treat this as more of a business than gambling, you can ensure you will obtain much better results.

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