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How to Win The Lotto – Easy Lotto System

Do You Want to Learn How to Win the Lotto?

I don’t blame you. It is the dream of almost every person on this earth. The feeling of suddenly experiencing a large windfall of money, with barely doing anything other than buying a lotto ticket.

While some people defy the odds and experience a 1 in 45,000,000+ chance of getting lucky, there are now thousands of people around the world, experiencing multiple division 1, division 2 and division 3 wins on a near weekly basis, all due to specific lotto strategies.

Learning how to win the lotto is not a hard task. As long as you know basic arithmetic (maths), you can easily increase your odds of winning lotto significantly and start earning back the money you have spent on past lotto tickets.

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How Thousands Have Learnt How to Win the Lotto

how to win the lottoSo what are the basic principles of winning lotto?

And how can you implement them on any top paying lotto system?

Step 1:

Do NOT buy a Quick Pick Ticket (Computer Generated Ticket).

This is  the first mistake people make. Every week when you play, you will have the worst odds possible. It is like starting from a blank slate every week, and will ensure that you do not make any winnings at all.

By just playing the same set of numbers every week, you will be reducing your odds of losing every week and start increasing your chances of winning.

This strategy on its own will not show you how to win the lotto instantly, but will drastically improve your odds at winning in the future. Many times, lotto winners who only used this simple strategy either won games within only a few weeks of playing, with some only winning after quite a few years.

A large portion of learning how to win the lotto is luck, but this is definitely a start to improving your chances.

Step 2:

How to win the Lotto by choosing the right numbers.

As with many games involving numbers, probability is a key factor. Designing a lotto game to help increase these chances of high probability numbers being picked is a must. This will ultimately increase the outcome of a successful division prize.

Discover how to win the lotto with Ken Silvers world renowned lotto strategy.

With all of the lotto games worldwide, certain factors in the way numbers are drawn such as number of balls, mechanics of the machine, time intervals on the machine, and historical data all contribute to some numbers and number combination having a much higher outcome than others.

Learning how to win the lotto is much like flipping a coin. For example, if you flipped a coin 100 times, starting on the same side, you would most likely have a dominant outcome on most of the results. Either heads or tales would have a large lead. But if each time you flip the coin, you start on a different side, you will achieve much more even results. This is because when you flip the coin, in most cases you are using the same force on your thumb.

If a lotto machine has the balls loaded in the same position each time, and the machine shuffles the balls at a near identical timeline, you will have some numbers that have a higher chance of being picked than others.

Learning how to win the lotto can be as easy as looking for these factors.

Step 3:

How to win the lotto by choosing the right number orders.

It is extremely unlikely that you will ever see more than 2 consecutive numbers in any lotto game. I have seen it once, but have not seen it since. Although, you will notice on many computer generated tickets they might have a few games that would have 2, 3 or even 4 consecutive numbers. At the end of the day, this is a wasted game.

Determining the right numbers to pick each week on your lotto ticket is a critical part to any winning lotto strategy.

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